Aggrieved Lady Narrates How DJ Cuppy Jumped The Queue To Collect Her PVC In Lagos

A hurt Nigerian Ifeoma N Chukwuogo has actually told her challenge at the INEC Centre where she had actually mosted likely to accumulate her long-term citizen’s card.

According to Chukwuogo, she had actually waited on 4.5 hrs to be addressed when billionaire little girl of Femi Otedola, DJ Cuppy strolled in and also leapt the line up.

She composed: RE this Cuppy point. reality is, extremely blessed individuals are seldom worried about life outside their bubble.

Y/day I meant 4.5 humans resources attempting to obtain my PVC, arrived at 7, left at 11.30. Cuppy walked in at 10.30 with her entourage and also mopol, strolled past everybody on the line up and also went directly right into the thumbprint and also enrollment area. When this occurred, I was standing right outside the door simply concerning to go in. Currently, much of us were VERY annoyed at the entire enrollment event.

A male next to me nearly to enter had actually existed because 4am approximately. Naturally, people were sputtering under their breaths concerning the unfairness. She’s not a diplomat/politician, she’s simply affluent. Organize for an exclusive enrollment at an area of your selection if you do not desire to join us like livestock standing for humans resources obtaining bugged by authorities. There’s absolutely nothing incorrect with that said. Firms and also domestic estate schedule INEC authorities ahead register their staff/residents for comfort benefit. I’m thinking there was the Public Relations facet of it as well since her trainers photographed it. No criminal activity because. She’s an influencer.

What made me recognize exactly how tone-deaf she may be was exactly how regardless of the apparent disappointment from individuals’s faces, and also me really noisally informing an INEC authorities in her existence that it was unjust to do that at our expenditure as all of us have locations to be also is that she was laughing and also grinning via all of it. I was looking directly at her as I was stating these points, not also in a combative fashion, extra in a “she/you men need to be doing much better, leading by instance” kind things.

It was fascinating (and also irritating) to enjoy.

They obtained her arranged and also she left.

I do not anticipate this type of individual to be familiar with things beyond their bubble, that’s why I’m not shocked concerning this meeting brouhaha
She’s not an awful individual, I really appreciate her public character now and then.

But Cuppy is tone-deaf.

Honestly, for those in my states attempting to validate this type of point, you’ll be neglected and also if you continue, you’ll be obstructed promptly.
Conserve your information. I do not have time, love.



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