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It’s like 5am in the early morning I simply left the club in Central London
I do n’tthinkmy accounting professional isgonna like what I invested tonight
Ideserve it though

[Verse 1]
I obtained method excessive to claim
Stopping working tobottletherage
I truly thoughtthat I changedbut currently I’m back to my methods
Y’ all niggas lacked good luck
I scent the blood like a shark
I’m ‘spell to screw up the video game
I’m still crazy with the art
Cash also wish for the overshadows, y’ all ain’t prepared for me
( Y’ all ain’t prepared for me)
Look, I had not been tryna kick back
You recognize I fathered your design, currently you wan na imitate my daddy
Nigga, simply fuckin’ kick back
Your head also large for the cap, yeah

[Chorus 1]
Y’ all ‘spell to obtain under stress, yeah
Y’ all ‘spell to gt under stress, uh
Lalla my nigga lalela, uh uh
Lalela my nigga lalela, uh, crap

[Verse 2]
I obtained excessive on my mind
My boy is sickly also
I believe I’m goin’ with heck
I require that nigga active
( I require that nigga active, crap)
The video game ain’t constructed for the weak
Because Nadia left I really feel revealed as well as alone ’cause y’ all niggas ain’t ridin’ for me
Nigga, no one fightin’ for me
I’m so utilized to it currently
Y’ all wan na inform me that everyone was pretendin’?
I suggest, y’ all niggas utilized to be happy
Y’ all niggas utilized to be happy, yeah
Nigga y’ all can not modest my act
Prompt me as well as wish that I remain peaceful ’cause y’ all recognize I can not screw up the bag
Talkin’ ‘spell exactly how I experienced a track
As well as exactly how I handled to increase my money
Allow them recognize that the Double is back
I’ve listened to sufficient of you mumbling raps
Niggas is captured in the internet
Akies bhay’ so fede voetsek
A brand-new pen, 990s simply to place my entire foot in your butt
The door Is shut, we kick it to palamel
We snuck to the back, the system was uninformed
It could not went much if you pay attention, ha no omamel’
If they disses to a person else
, do not desire your praises.
What’s the life?
What’s the buzz?
Yo, what a time!
Ayy, What a life!

[Chorus 2]
I must be, truly truly chuffed to me today
‘Cause I ended up being a tale prior to I passed away
As well as I recognize y’ all really feeling the stress
I recognize y’ all really feeling the stress, ayy

[Verse 3]
Mamela my nigga mamela
Mamela my nigga mamela
I simply fucked a version bitch 2 mins back
As well as she do not talk English in any way
She enjoy the reality that I round
She felt my prick in her spirit
I believed a nigga was old
I still obtained the power
I recognize that I obtained way too many adversaries
If I black-out I can criticize that on my melanin
Graveyard life, yeah, I obtained way too many skeletal systems
I can not inform it all ’cause I recognize that I would certainly stun my specialist
Hella abundant!
Bitch, it’s everything about The Benjamins, the Dube’s
Just old nigga with a new age
I can increase myself you would certainly believe that I was amazing help

[Chorus 3]
The Drip, Root of Fame done provided a nigga some brand-new legs
Ithuthe, rather than hatin’ gore ke pude
All my adversaries diminished, re bachelor’s degree sule
A bully, as well as I ensure never ever ke luze

You can travel to Maftown o botse Lude, mmh
I recognize y’ all really feeling the stress, mmh

Lalela my nigga lalela

Khuzeka my nigga khuzeka

Khuzeka my nigga khuzeka
Y’ all do not desire this, innit?

Somethin’ light, innit?
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