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Big Zulu “Ichwane Lenyoka” Album Review

Big Zulu “Ichwane Lenyoka” Album Review

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With a name such as Big Zulu, one can just anticipate him to do huge points. And also although the embraced name plainly recommendations his physical stature, Siyabonga Nene has actually been doing huge points considering that he stood out on the songs scene in South Africa.

It’s an extension of his “Big” odyssey as he deals with followers to a brand-new body of job labelled “Ichwane Lenyoka”– his 3rd workshop cd in nearly a years of music-making. Prior to its launch, the job was among one of the most extremely prepared for in South Africa.

Since it is right here, South Africa has a nationwide burp– as well as deservedly so. In this cd, Big Zulu weaves the tale of his advancement as a musician, bringing views as well as audios of the KwaZulu-Natal area as well as notes on love as well as partnership right into one area. What’s even more?


To check out the art work of “Ichwane Lenyoka” is to walk down the passage of importance. Which’s not shocking, offered the Inkabi Records employer’ love for images. For instance, the cover art reveals what shows up to be a ranch at sunset.

A youngster, plainly a mini Big Zulu, looks in advance while a bull as well as elephant as well as their calf bones run towards what’s evidently a yellow. Behind the elephant is an enforcing number of Big Zulu’s head.

Plainly, Big Zulu wished to make it clear that development is unpreventable which he had actually come a lengthy method in his music trip: from an unidentified musician from bayou KwaZulu-Natal, he has actually become among the important voices in Kasi rap.

Well, with “Ichwane Lenyoka” as a title, one would certainly have anticipated a serpent someplace on the art work considering that the songster wished to pass the message that when he stood out on the scene as a rap would-be, he needed to locate his method alone, on his very own sources as well as without the props of an advisor number. The serpent, unlike the poultry, delivers as well as goes away without caring for it young.

Big Zulu “Ichwane Lenyoka” Album Review


A check out the visitor checklist of Big Zulu’s “Ichwane Lenyoka” cd reveals that the songster selected visitors from a few of the hallways of his impacts, consisting of pop, spirit as well as maskandi. Furthermore, Nhlanhla Mhlongo, Xola, Kwazi, Cofi, Siya Ntuli as well as Sjava got on hand with singing payments.

Various other visitors on the job consist of Ami Faku, Lwah Ndlunkulu, Zuluboy, Mnqobi Yazo, RED BUTTON, Intaba Yase Dubai, Riky Rick, Zuluboy, Leverage, Touchline, Aubrey Qwana, Samthing Soweto, as well as Mduduzi Ncube, that’s authorized to Big Zulu’s Inkabi Records.


Excellent is words for the manufacturing of “Ichwane Lrnyoka.” Large Zulu had actually proclaimed his partners on the job, as well as although he fell short to do the exact same for the manufacturers, it is clear they did a movie work placing the cd with each other. zoocci Coke Dope has absolutely nothing on these, whoever they could be.

The Tracklist as well as the Big Songs

” Ichwane Lenyoka” is a 20-song collection that begins with an eponymous track as well as finishes with what might too masquerade a letter to the dead, “Dear PRO.” The individual to whom that track is dealt with is Linda Mkhize (additionally called ProKid or just PRO). The songster passed away in 2018 complying with interior blood loss. It was a large loss for hip-hop. Of training course, his heritage lives.

PRO’s look on course 10, “iStradi,” shows that the track was tape-recorded 3 years ago prior to the artist’s fatality. It is yet active, the track, as well as may fiddle with your psychological strings.

With 20 tracks in overall, there suffice tracks to select as individual favourites. We count “Umbonge,” track 11, including Samthing Soweto, as well as “iStradi,” including PRO, amongst our favourites.

” Mali Eningi”? There you have the greatest track in “Ichwane Lenyoka.” Launched in 2020, the track exploded near-instantly towards completion of the year, gaining numerous elections as the track of the year. The enjoyment over the track might have waned, however it continues to be huge in the awareness of lots of in South Africa.

Arrangement as well as Message

This cd deals with numerous topics, however it is clear the tracks were not organized by subject. The eponymous track as well as “Baba Ngiyakukhumbula” take the audience right into the globes of huge Zulu’s training. In between both tracks, you have a five-track gulf.

The love tracks “Yakhala apple iphone” as well as “Ngaqoma ibhinca” have a four-song gulf in between them. That’s by the method.


Seldom one to go wild in his songs, Big Zulu is smooth in this cd, with periodic surges of spirit.

Summing Up

Large Zulu may not be the poster child for South Africa hip-hop, however there’s no rejecting he’s an essential voice as well as one that understands just how to narrate as well as preserve the audience’s focus.

This much ought to be evident from “Ichwane Lenyoka,” a collection worth the play. Touch the play switch currently!

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